Friday, February 22, 2008


Reasons to live in Ipoh

Here are a few unique points about Malaysia on why it should be your second home.

Government Support

As this programme is the initiative of the Malaysian Government, the authority will continue to provide better services and support to ensure its success.

Cost of Living and Standard

Malaysia has one of the highest standard of living and one of the lowest costs of living in the Asia region. This is because the Malaysian Government continuously monitors the economy in order for the inflation to be kept low, so better services can be provided.


The whole country is well connected with each other through modern transportation, by air, land and sea. The public transportation systems are up-to-date, efficient and affordable in costs.

Freedom of Religion

As Malaysia is a multi-racial country with four main religions present; Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity; Malaysia embraces people from different religions as well as different backgrounds and cultures. The three main races; Malays, Chinese and Indians; lives harmoniously with each other. Although the Malay culture is the main practice, other cultures are more then welcome to be followed as Malaysians embraces diversity.


Malaysia has one of the best quality education systems, both public and private. Good education is available right from the nursery level to tertiary education. There are reputable international schools in all major towns as well as private colleges and universities offering twinning programme with well known colleges and universities throughout the world. Malaysia provides world-class education at very reasonable cost.

Medical Facilities

We have state-of-the-art medical facilities and high-qualified medical personnel that guarantee the best service and healthcare.


Enjoy the comforts and convenience of shopping in air-conditioned malls and hypermarkets. Malaysia offers high-end couture to cultural handicrafts that will satisfy your shopping needs. Besides shopping, families have the choice of watching a movie or go bowling, all in the convenience of the same mall. The annual mega sale is also not to be missed.

Sports & Recreation

The country has a variety of sports to offer, from badminton to a classy game of golf. Children will also be entertained with the many theme parks available and families who are looking for a relaxing holiday can head to the highlands for cooler weather or the beach for sunshine and clear sand.

Food & Fruits

For every food there is in the world, it can all be experienced here at a low cost. Themed as the Asia’s Food Paradise, it lives up to its name by having variety of food ranging from the mamak stalls from the side of the road to posh restaurants.


The weather is warm, sunny and pleasant throughout the year. With an average rainfall of 2300mm annually, the weather is kept cool and moist. There is never too much sunshine or too much rain, but just the right amount of both.

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